Monday, February 28, 2011

Complaining in Run-on Sentences.

Otto and I were sick all weekend - him with a fever and and complaining of a tummy ache and just generally wearing his toddler cranky pants and me with sinus pain and congestion and headache and even bigger, mom-sized cranky pants.  That said, somehow all the chores managed to get done because one thing I have learned is that when you are a mom THERE ARE NO SICK DAYS.  Sorry to break it to you, aspiring mothers, but better you should find out now.

And then this morning, I slept through my workout in an attempt to kick the crud and was dreaming all night about softening the blow of a sick Monday morning with a bowl of cereal with blueberries and cashews but then when I went to make said bowl of cereal, the cashews had MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED but I suspect a CERTAIN SOMEONE who was drinking beer and watching the Oscars last night.  Ahem.

And so, this week is 0 for 2 and but at least we still had green tea and honey and today is payday so we can finally afford to really go grocery shopping. 

Bring it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Running Update

Holy shit.  My daily mile tracker (see it over there?  on the right?) says I've gone over 500 miles since I started tracking.  Wowza.

Its been a challenge, frankly, to keep up the running in recent weeks.  We've had several cold snaps that dropped temps to well below zero (think -45 with windchill) and that's too cold, even for me.  I've decided that I draw the line at zero.  And so does Ruby, the poor dear. 

So, I've been doing more workout DVD's in the basement and in spite of cultivating a minor case of cabin fever,I've gotta guns are looking pretty rockin' at the moment.  Maybe I can keep it up until temps are actually warm enough for bare know, like July.

The slight reduction in mileage, while not good for my mental health, has been advantageous for my pesky right knee, I think.  It's feeling better (knock on wood) and I've done the past 2 five milers without my knee strap. 

As the weather warms (gradually...very gradually) I'm looking forward to beginning to train in earnest for some spring and summer races.  There's a 10K I have my eye on in the spring and then a half-marathon in July.  Better get runnin'!

At any rate, at least I'm keeping up some semblance of an exercise schedule...because we keep doing silly things like going to Fort Collins on day trips and eating at Smashburger.  Yum.

Der Burger!