Saturday, July 26, 2008


Above: Lunch after a hike.

Left: McHann enjoys the shade on a hot summer day.

Above: Playing

Left: Don't let the sweet pose fool you- Daisy is the DEVIL.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Favorites

In keeping with my continuing efforts to accentuate the positive, please allow me to exercise my love of all things list-y with some things/people I'm loving right now. In no particular order:

* Summertime. I really love not having to worry about myself or the baby being cold. We spend so much of our lives being cold in this part of the country that its nice to have a reprieve for a couple of months. I've just been dropping Otto off at daycare with bare feet and its awesome. (He doesn't walk yet and his class doesn't go outside.) If I could go to work barefoot, I totally would. As it is, my flip flops are getting lots of use.

* The Huffington Post. Being the liberal that I am, I love the slant and the remarkably insightful posts from certain famous people.

*Thrift store/garage sale shopping. YAY! I love garage sale season. I think this is partly because I love a great deal, but also because I am nosy as shit and love to see what stuff other people have. At least I can admit this, right? Our newspaper is very helpful in that it prints a large map of the city alongside the garage sale ads so the bargain seeking reader can artfully map out a plan of attack. Love that.

* This book.

* Avocados. Yeah, I don't know either. They just taste good.

* Will Ferrel. And, specifically, Anchorman.

I'm not sure what psychosis I have going on in my life right now but I find him to be HIGH-LARIOUS lately. I'm excited to see Step-Brothers (even though I will probably have to wait until the DVD comes out because HELLO? I have a kid.)
* My Ergo baby carrier. Best. Kid. Carrier. Evah. I love it. Otto loves it. We took it hiking last weekend and it rocked and rolled that trail.
What do you love??

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


While I have always considered myself to be in possession of at least a modicum of intelligence, I think my brain might be broken. That is the only way I can think to describe the width and breadth of my stupidity this weekend: broken brain. In point of fact, I may be flattering myself with the title of this blog.

Exhibit A: We are camping. It is evening and the campground is a pristinely silent homage to families, campfires, and s'more making. Birds chirp and chipmunks frolic in the dappled sunlight alternating with shade from pines and aspens. In the distance a child laughs. Someone begins quietly playing kum-ba-ya on a battered acoustic guitar. You get the picture.

The Husband and his dad are up in the mountains fishing somewhere. We have just returned from a looooong hike (which was beautiful, btw) and I think "Oh! I will go out to the car, get Otto's jammies and whatnot and get him ready for bed. When I reach the car, windows are open but the car is locked. So what do I do? I reach in and unlock the door.

Of course, we all know what happens next. alarm. Shattering the peace and quiet, no doubt traumatizing all the perfect families with their perfect s'mores and kum-ba-yas.

"Shit! Fuck! Shit shit fuck!" That's me, gracefully handling the situation. I do manage to locate my key and turn the damn thing off but not until what feels like an ETERNITY has gone by and people are no doubt cursing me and the fruit of my loins for all time. S.M.A.R.T.

Exhibit B: Sunday, as we pull into town, exhausted and windburned, freshly mosquito bitten, the Husband hurries to get to his baseball game and I think Hey! You know, I REALLY don't feel like cooking- think I'll drive through for something deliciously greasy and naughty. First, I need cash so VOILA! pop by the ATM, pick up the moola, french fries here I come!!

This was all executed flawlessly but for the teeny tiny problem of me LEAVING MY CARD IN THE ATM. Yeah. So then yesterday, when I 'ran' by the grocery store to 'quickly' grab some foodstuffs and various sundries, OOPS! No card! Had to call the bank with the ATM who fortunately had not immediately shredded my card (thank goodness for small blessings), run pick that up then go back to the grocery store for our food. All with baby in tow.

Is this just a horrible case of Momnesia? Whatever it is, I think I'll go read up on brain power supplements now.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Newsie Tidbits

Tidbit 1: I decided the old blog needed a little makeover. I like it.

Tidbit 2: I also need a makeover. Unfortunately, due to our perpetual condition of being TOTALLY BROKE, this is not likely to happen anytime in the near future. But in my secret fantasy life, I am totally booked for a haircut, facial, mani, pedi, seaweed wrap...

Tidbit 3: Speaking of pedi's- 2 weeks ago I had surgery on both big toes for ingrown toenails. Can I just tell you that this HURTS LIKE HELL and is taking forever to heal. FOREVER. Oh, and my toes are incredibly beautiful, lemmetellya. Just in time for flip-flops season.

Tidbit 4: We are supposed to go camping with the in-laws this weekend. Enough said.

Tidbit 5: Otto is hitting milestones at what seems like a ridiculous rate. We have first words, we have crawling...what's next? Sudoku??

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Movie Review: Teeth

The following is a post I started a while ago and just finished today:

Last night, we watched the movie Teeth.

Oh. My. Goodness. Loved this movie.

Teeth is a tremendously funny horror film regarding the myth of Vagina Dentata- or teeth in the vagina. The main character, Dawn, begins the film as an abstinence preaching goody-two-shoes and ends it as a sexually empowered woman with a "gift." The film effectively and entertainingly attacks the subjects of female sexual empowerment, adolescent sexual drive and society's perception of each.

In a fun, bloody sort of way, Teeth examines the insecurities and fears surrounding the perceived power of the female anatomy- the power to create and sustain life, the power of mystery, the power of seduction. Essentially, as Dawn discovers her true self, she systematically and violently weilds her new found power on unsuspecting, but arguably deserving male characters. Ouch. These men are infatuated with Dawn's wholesome ignorance of her own sexual pull and seek to take advantage of her in creepoff, sleezeball ways. In the beginning, the teeth injure aggressors seemingly on their own, but by the end of the film, Dawn has master control over her newfound skill and is purposefully dealing out justice to those she deems worthy.

While it is definitely gory in some parts, campy in others, Teeth is a pretty darn entertaining way to spend a couple hours, especially if you are at all into cheeseball horror. (Of course we know I am :-) Its funny, bloody, and a great commentary on the issues of sexual awareness and feminine power. But be prepared for bloody penis stumps. Fair warning.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Better and WTF?? *EDITED

Things are better. A lot of that has to do with some communication that finally happened between the husband and myself, but also with a nice weekend and some badly needed down time. So yay. Also, I think that maybe last week I was a little pre-menstrual without the 'menstrual' part (I haven't had a period since December of 2006 due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. So, you see, there are perks :-)

Moving on: What do you think of the cover of the New Yorker? I suppose I can sort of see where the artist was coming from, but HOLY COW. Somehow, I don't think most people will appreciate the satire. Obama is going to have a tough enough time fighting the misconceptions of the uneducated without having to combat images like these from supposed supporters. Gah.

*ETA: I fucking KNEW that John Stewart would put this into perspective for us. Lol.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Do you ever want to take a vacation? I mean, really and truly just vacate your life completely? Run away? That's how I feel today. So tired. So over it.

The reason for this is that I am struggling and I'm not really sure why. I feel like I'm slowly drowning...being systematically suffocated by responsibilities, obligations, duties - some that do and some that don't have my heart behind them. Otto is going through a really challenging time right now- very needy, kinda crabby, hard to deal with. Some of this is teething but most is just the stage he is at developmentally, I think. The daily pumping of breastmilk, noontime nursing runs, very early morning nursing sessions (I'm talking 4am, people), daycare drop offs, pick ups are leeching away my sanity. The husband and I are not connecting. At all. Our relationship does not feel healthy right now. Work is very demanding. It feels like there are not enough hours in the day for me to even collect my thoughts.

Something has to give, but I don't know what. I know I have a lot of blessings but its difficult to truly enjoy them right now.

Monday, July 7, 2008

First Word

I hope Otto's first word is not an omen for things to come...

His first word is officially "uh-oh." Well, it actually sounds more like "uh-uh" but he does it whenever he or one of us drops something.