Monday, July 14, 2008

Better and WTF?? *EDITED

Things are better. A lot of that has to do with some communication that finally happened between the husband and myself, but also with a nice weekend and some badly needed down time. So yay. Also, I think that maybe last week I was a little pre-menstrual without the 'menstrual' part (I haven't had a period since December of 2006 due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. So, you see, there are perks :-)

Moving on: What do you think of the cover of the New Yorker? I suppose I can sort of see where the artist was coming from, but HOLY COW. Somehow, I don't think most people will appreciate the satire. Obama is going to have a tough enough time fighting the misconceptions of the uneducated without having to combat images like these from supposed supporters. Gah.

*ETA: I fucking KNEW that John Stewart would put this into perspective for us. Lol.

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Mackenzie said...

Yay for betterness!

I've been thinking a lot about the New Yorker cover issue. I don't think it's a problem. It's a satire of people who actually believe what it portrays, and it's a good satire. (It reminds me of the cover after the Spitzer scandal: A man drawn from waist to knees with shirt-tails on top, no pants, and underwear peppered with the Seal of New York. Funny.)

Practically, I think it will have no effect. Anybody who takes it seriously would never vote for Obama anyway.