Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Movie Review: Teeth

The following is a post I started a while ago and just finished today:

Last night, we watched the movie Teeth.

Oh. My. Goodness. Loved this movie.

Teeth is a tremendously funny horror film regarding the myth of Vagina Dentata- or teeth in the vagina. The main character, Dawn, begins the film as an abstinence preaching goody-two-shoes and ends it as a sexually empowered woman with a "gift." The film effectively and entertainingly attacks the subjects of female sexual empowerment, adolescent sexual drive and society's perception of each.

In a fun, bloody sort of way, Teeth examines the insecurities and fears surrounding the perceived power of the female anatomy- the power to create and sustain life, the power of mystery, the power of seduction. Essentially, as Dawn discovers her true self, she systematically and violently weilds her new found power on unsuspecting, but arguably deserving male characters. Ouch. These men are infatuated with Dawn's wholesome ignorance of her own sexual pull and seek to take advantage of her in creepoff, sleezeball ways. In the beginning, the teeth injure aggressors seemingly on their own, but by the end of the film, Dawn has master control over her newfound skill and is purposefully dealing out justice to those she deems worthy.

While it is definitely gory in some parts, campy in others, Teeth is a pretty darn entertaining way to spend a couple hours, especially if you are at all into cheeseball horror. (Of course we know I am :-) Its funny, bloody, and a great commentary on the issues of sexual awareness and feminine power. But be prepared for bloody penis stumps. Fair warning.

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