Thursday, January 14, 2010


All the coverage on Haiti is so devastating, so heart wrenching. What the people there must be going through, I really have no basis for understanding. We've given what we can, and will do more if the opportunity arises. But seeing these images, reading the stories- it produces a feeling of helplessness and sadness and I wish there was a way to just make everything ok again for the thousands of people who are dead, injured, separated from loved ones...

You've all seen by now, I'm sure that there are countless ways to help monetarily. But just in case, here's a link to a list of charities.

I'm not a praying person but Haiti is definitely in my thoughts. I just keep wondering about mothers separated from children, husbands searching from wives, people still buried under rubble...Wishing there was more to do than just giving money, although from what the media is saying, there is of course a huge need to get aid organizations mobilized and things like water and medicine to the people that need them and money helps do that. Still. Ugh.

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