Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Favorite Things- Let's Go (Window) Shopping

I know its kind of a silly, frivolous pastime, but one of my favorite things to do is window shop (and really shop) online.  (Its still window shopping online- hello...Windows.)  Some of these things, I have actually purchased and some of them are just plain eye-candy-wishful-thinking...

1.  V-neck tee shirts.   I'm finding that with all the strength work I've been doing, I now have some definition in my shoulders and my collar bone.  (Yay!)  However, the boobies are showing the effects of weight loss and pregnancy/breastfeeding.  (Boo.)  These cheap little shirts are flattering in that they highlight the collar-boned-ness while (paired with a nice little padded bra) creating the illusion that I still have boobs.  (Its not a trick, Michael! Its an ILLUSION

They come in lots of colors, but of course all mine tend to be gray, black, or something in between.  I'm so predictable.

2.  This online store.  OMG THE CUTE.  I think that ever since my stint in Denmark, I've had an attraction to Scandinavian design.  In some alternate dream universe in which money is no object, I totally live in a beautiful, spacious home full of light and hardwood floors and pale smooth lines broken up only by whimsical textiles and creative light fixtures. 

I mean, really:

3.  My Asics running shoes.  I know they are pricey.  Oh lordy, are they pricey.   But my dad sprung for them and I've always felt more comfortable spending his money than my own.  Haha.  Anyway, they are cushy and wonderful and pretty much the minute I started running in them, I noticed a significant decrease in my knee pain and overall achy-jointed ness.  They rock.

I went to an actual running store to get fitted for these- they made me run and walk a bit for them and it was determined that I 1) don't pronate at all and 2) have high arches.  These are what's known as a neutral, cushioned shoe and they are heaven to run on.

When this pair is shot, now that I know what I like, I'll fish around online for a good deal.  Although, I recently discovered that if I join our local running club, I get 15% off at the running store.  So when the time comes, I'll weigh my options and do whatever is cheapest.  I do think it was important and worth a slightly higher price in the beginning to have a knowledgeable sales person help me find the right shoe for me.

4.  This shop Etsy and their cute arm warmers.  Here at high altitude, even though the days are warm, the early mornings and late evenings are very cool.  A pair of these with your t-shirt and jeans can feel just right, especially when driving to work at 7am when the steering wheel is coooooold.

  And OMG they're cute. 

5.  And for the same reasons, I'm loving lighter, summer scarves.  They are just right when the chill comes off the mountain but you want to keep sitting outside, watching the citronella candle burn and trading insults with your friends over some PBR's.  Ahem.

(Found here and here )

* Of course, I'm not getting paid for any of this.  Just shoppers love/lust!

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Armando Codina said...

I just love V-neck tee shirts. Nice Stuff. Anyways, Thanks for the great share.