Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The picture above is a (crappy) example of what my hair looks like right now.  Longish.  Relatively lifeless.  Weird layers.  I pretty much only ever wear it down or in a pony tail for workouts.  Sometimes I do braids but not very often.  I've never been talented at updos and all that business.  And maybe its spring fever but I can't stop fantasizing about cutting it. 

Here are some examples of where my imagination has been taking me lately:

Option 1: A mid-length bob:

Really, I wouldn't be losing a ton of length with this but it would clean it up, add some choppiness to the ends which could be cute.  And I'm not saying I look at all like the lovely Gwenyth but I do think that our face shapes are sort of similar.

Option 2:  A chin-length bob:

 This one just makes me salivate...the feeling of getting all that hair off my neck and shoulders?  Cute ear-tucking length...sigh.  The only drawback would be not being able to ponytail it for workouts.  I also wonder how long this would take me to style in the morning...although I doubt it would take much longer than the looooooong time I take blow drying and straightening now.

Option 3:  Leave the length alone, maybe even continue to grow it but try to clean up the layers?  Even add some color maybe?

This one is the safest option and will keep me from haircut remorse.  But it won't be all new and bright and shiny feeling either. 

Thoughts? Let's do a poll!


Amelia Sprout said...

I have a chin length bob. I also have very curly hair. It is just long enough to pull partially back and put on a hat or a headband. It works. I love not having it be so long and annoying for workouts.

Go for it.

Katie said...

We are in a similar hair conundrum. I say go with the most different-than-now, chin length bob. Sounds easy, looks cute and would be do-able for workout mode. And it always grows back. I LOVE haircut day, it's the best!