Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Awfully Awesome

So this is a TERRIBLE picture but its also the ONLY picture from my first half.  And so I am ridiculously and inexplicably proud of it.

This was at the finish and I was giving it my all...but somehow in the photo I look like a speedwalker.  Heh.

My friend and I did our first track workout this morning.  I ran to her house and then we ran together to the high school track.  First time I've been on a track since high school and BOY HOWDY did it bring back painful memories.  We eeked out 6 x 400's and holy OUCH.  My legs were hamburger at the end and I still had to run 1.75 miles back home. 

I think we'll plan on doing these every week to every other week over the summer and hopefully it will translate into a speedier race time!  I'd really like to break 2 hours in my July 4 half.

Right now, I'm day dreaming about trail running on Saturday...if the stupid snow would just QUIT already.  Fuck.

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Katie Christensen said...

I'm so damn proud of you!