Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Self Talk

 I do a lot of this kind of self talk and visualization lately.  Whether I'm in a shitty-ass work meeting, parenting my sweet, yet independent minded, three year old, navigating life decisions with my husband or running...I'm having to coach myself along.  "You can do this."  "This will all work out."  "DON'T SCREW THIS UP." 

It's exhausting. 

Lately, I'm also trying some preemptive visualization/meditation:   I spend a couple minutes before the meeting, seeing myself in my mind making thoughtful, intelligent contributions...Envision a night of peaceful cooperation and fun with my kid before I pick him up from daycare...see in my head my Husband and myself making good financial decisions (we just cancelled our cable- FINALLY)...visualize myself busting out a 40 minute 5 miler...This kind of visualization does seem to increase the likelihood of success.  If nothing else, it provides a few moments of calm purpose to my otherwise chaotic day.

Now, if I could just visualize myself blogging more, that might actually happen too.

**This quote was emailed to me via Taro Gold's Daily Wisdom.  The picture is trusty ol' clip art.

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