Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Favorites: (Alcoholic) Beverages

I did a favorites post on my favorite non-boozy bevs, so its only right that I talk about the good stuff too, right?

I'm a beer/wine kinda girl, generally, rarely foraging into the (to me) mysterious world of hard liquor.  As far as beer goes, my absolute favorite would have to be Guinness, with a "black and tan" coming in a close second.  

If on a budget, however, I genuinely love Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Or as we call it, PEEber.   (Get it?  PBR...Peeber?)  I know, I know.  I think its more nostalgia than actual taste, since we drank gallons of the stuff during my punk rock days. 

Wine-wise, I prefer red over white regardless of what's on the menu (scandalous, I know!)  I especially love a good Malbec .  I go by what I like, not how much the bottle costs and as a result, some of my favorite wines are super affordable.  Which is good, as I enjoy a glass several times a week.  Ahem.

If pressed to drink something with more bite, I always order a whiskey (Pendleton if they've got it, but I also like Crown Royal as an old, familiar standby.) on the rocks with a splash of water.  I've learned from experience that fancy, sugary drinks spell NASTY hangovers, so I steer clear of the "girly" stuff.

If pressed to order a mixed drink, however, it would have to be a Moscow Mule.  But just one.  :)

As you can see, pretty simple, if not the most sophisticated tastes.   What am I missing out there??

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Vacationland Mom said...

Here in New England we call it Pibber :) I would suggest Alamos Malbec if you haven't tried it yet. Also... though I know you avoid the sweet stuff, I've been finding that a Bailey's Caramel on the rocks really hits the spot after my little one goes to bed!