Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Apologies and HAPPY TURKEY DAY

Yes, I suck, suck, SUCK at posting. Sorry. Internet time is just very infrequent these days. Otto has been demanding more and more time as he transitions from that yummy sleep-all-the-time newborn stage to the HELLO!? -I- am -now- awake- and- a -real- actual -baby -who -needs -stuff stage. Still, he's not colicky or anything, just likes lots of attention- talking to, singing to, playing, being held, etc. The sling works half the time, the other half, only being held over a shoulder will do. He is also doing this thing where he wants to nurse CONSTANTLY. Growth spurt? Maybe so. Or a eerily organized effort to slowly drive his Mama crazy. You choose.

We're off to the Husband's Aunt's house tomorrow for the big feast. It promises to be long, tiring, and overstimulating. The food is always good, but its a trade-off, you know? The husband's folks are paying for a hotel room for us, so at least we won't have the late night drive back.

Off to go get some pies in the oven before the little dictator wakes up and demands more milkies.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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