Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ho, Ho, Achoo! ... Excuse me.

I keep meaning to post lovely photos of the cookies I made this weekend, or maybe of the Amish Friendship Bread that came from a starter passed on to me at a party I attended, or possibly even the knitted toy that is finally finished...

But no. The days fly by and I'm pretty proud of myself if I even remember to brush my teeth and pack a lunch. It doesn't help that we're all sick and sleep deprived because a little boy who shall remain NAMELESS is refusing to sleep. Sigh.

On the side of accomplishment, I do have all my holiday gifts wrapped and either under the tree or shipped to their recipients. As I mentioned above, I did some killer holiday baking this weekend and I have 3 parties attended, over with and out of the way. So that feels good.

But like I said, time is at a premium for me, just like it is for you, I'm sure.

Fa la la la la - la la la la!

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