Monday, December 1, 2008

Relatively Painless

Ok, so it wasn't that bad. About what I expected. Relatives, awkward conversation, turkey, stuffing, booze, followed by a little less awkward conversation, oohing and ahhing over babies, pie, board games...could be worse, right? And again, no one in my family is a football fan: Now that's something to be thankful for. :)

And now, somehow, the Holiday Season is officially ON and the stores are telling us to BRING IT when it comes to shopping. We are suddenly inundated with brightly colored circulars stuffed between sections of the newspaper and LOUD TV commercials and JUNK EMAIL OUT THE WAZOO all claiming to have JUST WHAT 'THEY' NEED for the holiday. Well you know what, capitalist swine? I'M NOT HAVING IT. Not one little bit.

Well, maybe a little bit. But a VERY little bit. But really, I'm pretty much done. We are making a concious effort to keep it simple with the storebought stuff (only items purchased have been dvds and books- all online) and I plan on adding some homemade touches (cookies, anyone?) I'm also finishing up a wicked knitting project for Otto...will post pics when finished.

And now I feel like I can just focus on the things I love about the season: How the days get shorter and shorter, the daylight becoming more precious each day. Snow. Cuddling on the couch and watching holiday movies. Getting to focus on loved ones by both buying/making gifts and by planning to and then spending time with them. Receiving holiday cards. Chopping down and decorating a tree - bringing nature into our home to remind us that even in the dead of winter the earth is still alive and waiting to be green again.

Oh, and hot chocolate. With peppermint schapps. Yum.

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The Schneldales said...

"Oh, and hot chocolate. With peppermint schapps. Yum."

Damn. Peppermint Patties. Do the holidays get any better? Well, maybe a chocolate stout as an appetizer.