Monday, August 17, 2009


So you probably remember that it was a year ago that we lost our family dog, McHann. She was the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful dog in the whole world. And we still miss her. But slowly, we've started feeling more and more ready to open our house and our hearts up to another doggy friend.

And so, dear friends, on Friday night we did something TOTALLY CRAZY INSANE and put a deposit down. ON A PUPPY!! Surely this was temporary insanity but I am SO EXCITED.

One of these little Golden doodles will be ours in the near future. They are only 2 weeks old now, so have some growing to do. We looked at shelter dogs and while I was fine getting a pup who needs a home, the husband maintained the position that he didn't want a dog who's past he didn't know because our kid is still so little. I get that. So we are getting a puppy from a breeder the next state down and OMG are we just peeing our pants with puppy-craziness all of a sudden.

Golden doodles are supposed to be awesome family dogs, low-to-no shedding and a good medium size. And they are SO CUTE!

Don't know if we'll get a male or female yet...there are 6 pups, 4 female and 2 male and we're 4th on the list to get to pick ours. We've got girl and boy names so we're prepared for whatever.

This feels right. It feels like its time and I'm so glad Little O is going to grow up having a dog around. Squee! Now we're just counting the days until the little barker comes home!

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