Monday, September 14, 2009

...and Puppy Dog Tales

Greetings from gray-skied, cool-breezed, very fall-like Wyoming. Autumn has sent her calling cards in the way of cold, clear nights and the first hints of yellow and red on the mountains. We could mourn the end of summer, but seeing as how this is my favorite time of year, its hard to be sad.

In fact, I'm getting into the spirit, doing some cleaning and organizing at home, some closet shifting- moving the Capri pants and tank tops to the top shelf, bringing down the sweaters- burning pumpkin spice candles and buying jugs of organic apple cider to combine with red hot candies (that's right- its white trash apple cider time!) for the most delicious hot apple cider ever.

* * * * * * * *
This just in: My kid is a goofball. But cute as hell.

* * * * * * * *

Also! OMG! We got to meet our puppy this weekend! It was so very much fun and it was so difficult to choose which puppy would live with us...all 5 we had to choose from were wonderful. We settled on the little beauty below. Her name is Ruby. We <3 her.

(Just realized this might be the first time I've ever posted a full on picture of myself on this blog. Weird.)

Isn't she the bee's knees?

My father has already had the talk with me about why didn't we choose a shelter/rescue dog? Here's what I have to say about that: I was all for it. My entire childhood, we had shelter/rescue dogs. My brother works for the Humane Society. I GET it. But. This was a family decision and my husband just felt more comfortable having a dog who's past we were sure of since we have such a small child. Not to mention, the breeds we were interested in are very difficult to find in shelters. We have, however, already talked about getting a second dog-a rescue dog- when Otto is a little older. But right now, a puppy from a reliable, local breeder was the way to go for us.

And we did really love the breeder. They live up in the Colorado mountains on an absolutely gorgeous piece of land. We were able not only to meet all the puppies, but both parents and all the other dogs (I counted 11 total, counting the six puppies.) We were in her warm, inviting living room for an hour and a half, playing with roly-poly, warm, good-smelling puppies. On our way out the door, she sent us home with a half-dozen locally grown peaches. You know, just because. You tell me that doesn't sound like a wonderful Saturday morning.

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Amelia Sprout said...

Awww, super cute!

M has to be at least 7 before the rescue people will talk to us. We knew that they also don't like that we work full time and being that Tess was my first dog, I wanted a puppy. I totally get it.

When M is seven, we're going the rescue route. To try and get Tess a puppy to keep her young.

Otto is just about the second cutest kid ever. (totally biased)