Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Cat Did It

Just checking in to say:


Really. A toddler and a puppy? Why didn't any of you try to talk me out of it??? I hold you personally responsible for the chaos now underway in our previously semi-peaceful houshold. Heh.

Actually? It's not all bad. Ruby is too freakin' cute. And she's learning a lot. And fast. I'm convinced that the chaotic element will lessen significantly very soon. For realsies.

She has had a great start with house training...only 2 accidents since we got her on Saturday and both of those were Monday. She's already learning not to jump up and nip at us. This is the behavior that scares Otto the most and makes our lives hell when the two of them are in the same space. If Ruby is in the room, Otto is like a rat on a sinking ship- climbing to whatever high ground he can find- usually up into our arms.

Each day has been better than the last and I really do think that we will all adjust to the new family dynamic pretty soon.

Except for the cat who I am certain is plotting horrible, bloody revenge scenarios from her self-imposed exile in the basement.

(I'll try to post puppy pics soon...she's nothing if not completely, exasperatingly adorable. :-)

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