Friday, December 18, 2009

The thing that I most like to bring out this time of the year are my balls*

I'm sure I'm not alone when I exclaim "shit is keeeerazy!!!" Xmas stuff, work, social engagements, volunteering, and you know, that thing called Parenting. Phew.

After feeling completely out of control this week (Monday was bookclub, Tuesday was puppy kindergarten, Wednesday was a meetup with a friend who just got back into get the idea), I took some time last night to get my ducks in a row: Got the xmas cards out finally and spent some time with Otto painting mats to go around picture gifts for his great grandmas. It was nice to have a night at home to spend listening to holiday music and doing something creative with my little kid. (If you can classify writing short notes and addressing cards as 'creative.' )

As merry as I'm trying to be though, I feel like I'm fighting off a certain melancholy. First, following the climate stuff in Copenhagen has me depressed. On NPR this morning someone compared it to going on a field trip with 193 children and needing everyone to agree on every little decision. Ugh. Am I extraordinarily naive when I say that I wish they could just come up with a direction and some goals?

Second, there's the whole Debtcember thing- its so hard to keep to a budget this time of year and we are really feeling the squeeze. Fortunately, all gifts are purchased or made at this point so barring any unforeseen expenses, we should squeak by. Barely. I know there are a lot of people WAY worse off and we've tried to do our part: both our offices adopted needy families and we had fun shopping for them- coats, hats, gloves, some toys and books. Donated food. Donated new hats and mittens to the local newspaper's hat and mitten tree. Feels good to give and reminds us how truly blessed we are: we both have jobs, a roof over our heads, food in our fridge and most importantly, each other.

So we're trying to keep everything grounded and enjoy the season. It will get easier next week- my job gives us from the 24th through Jan 3rd off. Paid. So really I can't complain. We'll get to see both sets of in-laws and spend some time recreating in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

I'll leave you with this- is it really the holiday season until you've seen Schweddy Balls*? I didn't think so.

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