Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just popping in to say WHEW THIS TIME OF YEAR IS INSANITY.

The good news:  We are shopping local this year, getting almost all (very modest-its the thought, right?) holiday gifts from local small businesses.  Fuck Walmart, man.  I think I bought one thing there- something on my child's letter to Santa that couldn't be got anywhere else in town.  ( I live in a SMALL town, dudes.)

So we're done- just need to get our holiday cards and we can ship boxes off to friends and family.  We have to ship just about everything because our families are so spread out, hence the early shopping.  Feeling victorious! 

In other news:

1.  Otto had to have a very small filling put into a very small cavity.  He did SO AWESOME at the dentist.  The filling was tiny enough that they didn't have to numb him or anything and the actual procedure was lightening fast.   I love our dentist.  And my kid is a rockstar.

2.  Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are awesome.

3.  So is chai.

4.  We are headed up to the mountains to get our tree this weekend.  This is my single favorite holiday activity.  Yay!!

5.  I love you all.  :)  Carry on.

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