Monday, January 23, 2012


We've now officially entered the Doldrums of Winter.  No scheduled paid holiday until Memorial Day.  And as  Hello Giggles  says (have I mentioned that I LOVE Hello Giggles???) ,
" Our mornings, afternoons and evening all look the same. Slush covers our streets and invades our homes. Slush is not just what we walk through with our boots that will get stained-slush, is what we become. Slush is the worst. You can’t pack slush up into a snow ball and you can’t get school canceled either. Slush is good for nothing and America, we are too."
 Truer words were never written. 

We'll do our best in the coming months to keep our heads above all the outings, dinner parties, swim lessons, counting the extra precious moments of sunlight that seep into each day,
...I even signed up for a half-marathon on April 1st, so that will at least motivate me to get out and train
but I know from experience that it will be hard.  Now until May is a trudge. 

I'm gonna do my best to come up with some new strategies for beating the doldrums...I'm thinking maybe some home reorganization projects, tackling swimming/biking with the end goal of someday competing in a triathlon, teaching Otto how to play Uno, lots of good books, maybe some new recipes...


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