Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things Fall Apart

I'd be lying if I said I'm not glad January is over.  Its been a tough month.  I can't really pinpoint the direct cause of the..."toughness", unless it would be the general malaise that seems to set in this time of year, and possibly the fact that we had nearly a month and a half between paychecks. 

The weather has been bizarrely mild; warmer than normal (in the 30's F), super windy, not much snow.  While the sunshine is nice, its like we're all walking around warily, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I find myself feeling cranky more often than not...having a short fuse (especially at work) and just generally being kind of a bee-yatch.  Yesterday, I let slip that I don't think my boss' boss is a good person.  Which, you know, is totally true but probably not something I should have said out loud...to anyone.  I skipped a work happy hour last week because the thought of seeing those people one more minute than required made my stomach flop over.

In happier news...

Otto's been attending swim lessons.  Its so great to see his confidence in the water growing with each lesson and his willingness to try new things like going under, floating, etc. when there are other kids his age doing it along with him. 

Also, he is cute.
 This is his last week of Level 1 lessons...I'm hopeful that he'll be ready for Level 2 when it starts in a couple of weeks because we're both enjoying our time at the rec center after work, twice a week.  He gets to swim and I get to sit in the warm, humid air and read.  WIN WIN.

We do have stuff to look forward to...my mom is coming to visit during her spring break in March.  Otto will get to hang with her instead of going to daycare and we'll save a week's worth of daycare payments, and..you know...get to hang with my awesome madre.  And, I've signed up for a half-marathon on April first so I should probably devise some sort of training plan other than the 4-6 miles, three times a week that I've been doing since the holidays.

Deep breaths.  I can do this.  I can make it until spring!! 

Can't I?

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Bekah said...

January was rough...I agree. Its getting closer every day! Spring, that is.