Friday, June 22, 2007

Random thoughts and plans. In no particular order.

-Finally, we are having summer weather! Yipee. Its been in the 80's all week. The Husband complains of being too hot, but I love it. I especially love riding my bike to work without freezing my ass off. Such a nice change.

-The Mother-in-Law dropped off a crib, changing table, and other odds and ends yesterday. And we received a box of baby toys from my mom. All of a sudden THERE IS BABY STUFF AT MY HOUSE. This is almost too weird to even wrap my head around. And the kid is going to be here so soon...I'm already in the 3rd trimester- 3 months to go. Eeeep!

-Last night, there was a fabulous punk rock show that I just couldn't stay away from. I was out way to late and am pretty tired today but it was so worth it just to be out on a warm summer night, hanging with friends and hearing great music. Besides, this summer may be my last chance to do this kind of stuff with minimal worry and fuss for a while. So I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

- We have a busy weekend ahead: Tonight, we are headed down to Ft.Collins (CO) to meet the in-laws for dinner. Tomorrow, I'm having lunch with a friend to finalize the plans for the baby shower BBQ which is next weekend and both tomorrow and Sunday I hope to make more progress on getting the kid's room set up. Sunday is also our 7th wedding anniversary. Which is just strange.

-Next week, my parents are coming to visit and I'm so excited. They live so far away now that I rarely get to see them...maybe twice a year. My dad and I are going to build a picnic table together. Should be lots of fun. Yay summer!!

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