Friday, February 22, 2008

Good things (A list.)


2. I went and picked up our new Maya Sling at lunch and I LOVE IT. Its black, white, and gray and I think it will be so much easier than the padded sling that we currently have. I still love the mei tai for long periods of baby-wearing but the sling is just so handy for quick in-and-outs like the grocery store, post office, etc.

3. The Husband is getting tattooed in Ft. Collins tomorrow so Otto and I will have the afternoon and the house to ourselves. I'm hoping to do some serious cleaning, organizing, and if we're lucky, a little baking.

4. We are getting our new mattress delivered on Sunday. I'm so excited to sleep on it, I can't even tell you.

5. I just booked a plane ticket for myself and Otto to Missouri in May to visit my parents. While I'm a little nervous about flying alone with a baby, there's lots of advice out on the old internets and I've got plenty of time to research. And my folks will be So Happy! to see him and my grandpa might even get to meet him. All good things.

6. Did I mention how glad I am that its Friday? Have a good weekend.

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Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh yes, I think you'll love the Maya for the easy popability (?) of it all. Perfect for hip riders. :)

May you and your men enjoy the new mattress! Woo hoo!