Thursday, June 12, 2008

By the Seat of my Pants

This month is TOTALLY KICKING MY ASS. In a big way. Its our busiest month at work. I'm interviewing for a promotion today. (EEEK) The part-time, in-home business thing is kind of taking off and our 8th wedding anniversary is on the 24th. Gah.

The sunny side of this is, of course, that some more moola may be coming our way. Which would be absotively loverly.

In other news:

Otto is growing, growing, growing and anxious to be locomoting. He gets totally frustrated when he can't get to something he wants and has taken to simply rolling around until he happens upon it. Its hilarious. I think he will be crawling, or at least army crawling any day now. He's super vocal and yells ("BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!) when he needs us to pay attention to him. He loves the animals and laughs huge belly laughs when we come home and the dog is jumping -up- and down- excited to see us.

He is still an avid nurser, showing no signs of weaning- not even of night weaning. And to tell the truth, I'm not super anxious for an end to the night feedings: They help my overall supply and provide some re-connections after our busy days apart. And as things stand right now, he only nurses maybe twice during the night anyways (around 10pm and again around 5am- not too bad.)

The weather here has been super depressing lately- cold, windy, rainy (yesterday, we actually got about a minute and a half of snow) and I find myself wondering if it will ever actually be summer. Its a little disheartening, to be honest.

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acaseofu said...

I want to see him. :-( I hate Laramie for luiring you guys up there with its promises of a good job and easier band practice. Bla.