Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Issue

While there is much political rhetoric and mudslinging swirling around about The Issues, who's honest about them, who's not, blah blah blah, please let me clarify one of the the important issues in MY life (and honestly, right now? not so much to do with politics. More to do with me. And my desperate quest to hang onto my sanity):

My Issue Numero Uno: SLEEP.

Or how I am NOT GETTING ANY. Don't know if this is a developmental thing or what but for the love of Pete, why is my kid not sleeping??? He was up 5 times last night. I'm running on fumes. We are slowly working on weaning him from co-sleeping and its a struggle- not his issue really, but mine. I mean, yeah, he's waking up astounding frequency, but when he's up so much in the night, the easiest thing is just to pull him into bed with me and fall back asleep while he nurses. Its easy in the light of day to be all "oh nursing will be the last resort, I'll try to get him to bed in other ways first, only if that doesn't work will I nurse him IN THE CHAIR and then put him back in his own bed."


Its way way harder to stick to this plan when its 3am, he's been up twice already and I'm thinking to myself OMFG I only have 2.5 more hours to sleep and I've only slept a total of 3 hours so far and I KNOW that if I just bring him into bed and nurse him, he will be out like a light in 20 seconds and I can get back to my dream about Christian Bale.

Upon doing some research, it appears that this very well may be a developmental, 11 month old thing. And by research I mean some phone calls and random googling. I'm being promised that things will get better again. He will eventually sleep through the night. I would even settle for 6 hours in a row right now. Until then, guess I'll just keep drinking my half-caff's and skipping my am workouts. Sigh.


And of course, gotta throw in just a little teensy weensy political thingamajig: Go here to figure out if Obama's plan would result in tax cuts for you. Be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom.



VoofaVoofa said...

Five times? That's hilarious! Alasdair wakes up every 45 minutes to one hour. And sleeps 10.5 hrs/night. Yes, that means he wakes up more than 10 times - every night!

I dream of only waking up five times. Pinch yourself, lady.

(p.s. I highly recommend "The No-Cry Sleep Solution." The woman who wrote it co-slept with her four babies. Very good book.)

Birdie said...

OMG. I guess I shouldn't be complaining! 10 times!!! You are now my personal hero.
We have a copy of the NCSS...I suppose I should try to carve out some time to actually read the sucker :-)

acaseofu said...

Waking now is better then waking at two or three. At this age Mitchell slept through the night, but when he was 2.5 and had a new baby sister, no way. His cuteness saved his life many a time...

Margot weaned herself at 11 months. :-( I still miss breast feeding, is that weird?