Monday, November 24, 2008

7:15 am

As I was drying my hair after a lovely hot shower (which followed a fabulous workout- I love getting up early to work out. Isn't that weird? It just makes me feel good. I know. WEIRDO) I overheard this coming from Otto's room down the hall:

Dad: these go together?

O: Nee nee no NO! Hahahaha!

Dad: What about this shirt and these pants?

O: Blah blah BAH no no Mama!...Book?

Dad: Ok. This is what you are wearing.

A few minutes later, Otto comes out in a blue and white striped onesie, camouflage pants, with gray and red shoes.

Mama: That is quite an outfit!

Dad: [glare]

O: Juice mooooooom?

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