Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Which I am Slowly Regaining my Sanity

This weekend was a toughie. Sunday found me sicker than a dog, trying to clean the house, parent and nurse my aching head and sinuses full of rubber cement. The husband did what he could, but you know folks, when punk rock calls who are we mere mortals to resist its siren song? In all fairness, it was his band that was playing the gig and he really didn't have the option to bow out, but just allow me this tiny bit of bitter resentment. M'kay?

Today, I am finally feeling as though I am leaving the dark, dank woods of the WORST HEAD COLD EVER behind, which is extraordinarily wonderful. I can breathe again! The clarity is intoxicating...I was able to BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE all night last night which did wonders for both my self esteem and my sad little chapped lips.


In other news, I am nearly done with the second book of the Twilight series and OMG I'm hooked. Great literature they are not, but there's something to be said for super fun, entertaining escapism. And vampires.

Debating whether I want to go see the movie when it comes out next week...because I have such a clear picture in my head and I don't want the film to ruin it. But at the same time, the movie could be really fun. And there would be popcorn. I know...decisions, decisions.

And, just to get it down somewhere so I don't forget, here's the latest on what little O is up to:
-Putting things in the trash ("tash") ...he throws things away and then claps for himself and says Good Job! ("goo-JAH!)
- Asking to nurse by making the sign for "more" and pointing to my boobs. When I ask "Milk?" He nods happily and says Yes ("YAY-es")
- He had his sixth tooth poke through last night and was not pleased about it. The good thing seems to be, though, that once it breaks the skin, he is fine. So he was up at 9:30 pissed beyond belief but then slept fine the rest of the night.
- He loves dogs ("DOG!"- he says this word very clearly) and trucks ("tuck!") and I got him a baby doll last week and he loves to give his baby a bottle. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever.

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