Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top O' the whatever to ya

My mom is here visiting this week from Missouri, which is wonderful because she's saving us a week's worth of daycare costs. (Our daycare charges by the day, so if you're sick or absent a day you don't have to pay for it.) Of course, its also wonderful because she's my mom and I hardly ever get to see her because she lives so freaking FAR AWAY. And she does the dishes. And Otto loves her with a burning hot fire that is fourth only to his love of Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman and cookies (in that order.)

So far, we've had a lovely visit full of walks in the park, window-shopping and coffee outings, and of course lots of time pretending to "web" each other, jumping, coloring, and generally basking in the company of a sprightly little two year old.

I've taken some mornings off work this week to spend with Nana and Otto and its been lovely to sleep in, go for a long run and then hang out with my mom and my boy. The poor husband has been securely stuck in the daily grind, however, and I feel sorry for him. Sort of.

The weather has been cooperating as well, surprise of surprises, with 50 degree sunshiny days and now that we're getting used to the cursed daylight savings time, the extra light is sort of fantastic. I feel cheerier and less likely to swear under my breath at random strangers who do stupid shit while driving, crossing streets, etc.

So while I won't be out drinking green beer and making fun of people in stupid green plastic hats due to familial obligations, if that's your destination, have a sip for me will ya?

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