Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Genital Integrity Awareness Week

Tomorrow, in case you didn't know, marks the end of Genital Integrity Awareness Week.   I know.  It seems like every week has a 'cause' these days, but this one is near and dear to me so I'm going to hop up on a soapbox temporarily. So if circumcision is a touchy subject for you, please move along for the time being.  You won't hurt my feelings.


Waaaaaaaaay back when I was pregnant with the Little O, I posted a bit about my views on circumcision.   Now, almost 3 years later, I am SO happy to report that we are 100% glad we left our son intact.  Of course I realize that this subject is really sensitive and different people feel differently because of culture, religion, or tradition and I am in no way trying to make you feel bad about circ-ing or not circ-ing or what have you.

These are my opinions. 

BUT.  (And its a Big BUT.)

Be educated.  Get the facts before you perform what is widely considered needless cosmetic surgery on a helpless newborn.  (Hi!  Welcome to the world!  We're going to cut part of your penis off!  Don't you just LOVE it here!?!?)

O's grandad, sweet man that he is, brought up the "but isn't it supposed to be healthier to be circumcised?" argument with me recently when Otto was taking a bath at their house.  My answer?  NO.  It is not healthier.  In fact, the list of possible risks of circumcision goes on and on and can include infection, mutilation, loss of sexual pleasure, disfigurement and the complete loss of your baby's trust right from the beginning.  And circumcision does not prevent STD's....CONDOMS do.   Sure, the foreskin can become infected or ill- just like ANY OTHER BODY PART.  Would you cut off your little girl's breast because one day she might get breast cancer? Or your ears just to ward of ear infections?  The foreskin HAS A PURPOSE just like every other body part. 

I'm also happy to report that we have already met several local little boys, even here in the conservative mid- west, who are also intact, so Little O will hardly be the only one in school, etc.  And he will know that the reason he looks the way he does is because we did not want to hurt him, because we loved and love him JUST the way he was made. 


I have friends who circ'd their boys and now regret it.  I also have friends who absolutely do not understand why you wouldn't circ a boy.  To each their own, I suppose.  But it really angers me when parents condone a painful medical procedure on a helpless newborn (how can a baby give consent?)  because "its what you do."



Lindsay said...

I just came across your blog and so glad I did! I LOVE it!!!
Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I just had this conversation with my cousin. Frustrates me to no end that people think they have to do this to their baby's. :-(


Birdie said...

I know, Heidi. I get way too emotionally upset by it.