Friday, April 2, 2010

Take it to the Limit...

First of all, I'm ECSTATIC that I decided not to register for the first 5K race of the season tomorrow.  It's cold, snowy, windy and gross outside (and supposed to stay that way) and I'm positive that I would have awakened tomorrow morning and muttered a terse "fuck you" before defiantly turning my face back into the warm bed.  And then I would have been out the $20 for registration and t-shirt.  So THANK GOODNESS  laziness won out and I can now spend my $20 on doughnuts or something.

 In all seriousness, the running is going really well so far.  I've been going 3 mornings a week since the roads (mostly) cleared up and Ruby goes with me which is fun.  (2 mornings a week, I still do some sort of strength training).  I've never run with a dog before and its nice to have company.   Plus since its still dark when we're out there and as I seem to have a moral objection to buying any clothing in hues other than black or gray, she kind of acts as a huge,fluffy, white moving reflector.

We're averaging 3.5 miles nowadays and I think I'll stick with that distance for a while and just try to improve my time.  Right now, it's taking me about 40 min so... (you do the math)  I'm really slow.  Running like 12 minute miles.  Heh.  But I'm out there!  I might increase to 4 miles just to have a nice, round number but I'd really like to work on getting at least a little bit faster.

During the winter, I forget about the meditative, enriching aspect of running outside.  Its just not the same when you're on a treadmill watching CNN or a rerun of some HBO series.  Running outside, pounding the pavement, matching your footsteps to your breath, is so much...freer.  And more real, somehow.  I feel like I'm out there, on my own and its up to me to get back home.  I can't just quit whenever I want, jump off the treadmill and into a hot shower.  If I've carried myself 2 miles out, I've gotta go 2 miles back. 

All that aside, I'm still glad I stopped myself from the 5K this weekend.  There will be plenty more over the spring and summer and as much as I'm enjoying getting back into running, and even though I've been doing it in the dark, early morning, doing it in the ice cold snow on a Saturday just sounds like punishment.

Gawd, I'm a wimp :-)

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