Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To-Do List

I always have a large, running to-do list but here are the items in the forefront of my brain right now:

*Clean out my closets and organize my clothes.  Seriously.  My closets are in a HORRID state.  Piles of sweaters and t-shirts that haven't been worn in years.  YEARS.  Shit that doesn't fit.  Underwear with holes in it.  (Sorry...TMI?)  Anyway, it usually seems to be in disarray at the end of winter but its probably the worst its ever been.

* Run a 5K this summer. I'm doing really well but need to keep it up and stay motivated, especially when my job goes to a 7:30am-4:30pm schedule for the summer (as opposed to 8-5 like it is right now.)  5:30am is MIGHTY EARLY to be pounding the pavement.  I also want to make it to a running store to have my stride or step or whatever you call it evaluated because I don't think the shoes I have are quite right for me.  (I'm having minor knee pain.)

* Plant herbs for my kitchen windowsill:  Last year I had Basil, Mint and Chamomile, I think.  I think I'll keep the Basil but maybe try parsley as well...hrm...I'm taking suggestions but please don't say 'cilantro' because it is GROSS.  (And I am not alone in feeling this way!)

*Take Otto swimming more often.   We were on a good streak of going every couple weeks or so there for a while but have fallen out of it.  I recently bought a book with basic lessons for little ones and I'm excited to get back in and start helping him feel confident in the water.   Plus the weather's getting warmer and I sort of feel like shaving my legs again.  Heh.

*Finish the book we're reading for bookclub in two-weeks, before our next meeting.  So far, it's a really interesting book but I'm having a hard time finding large chunks of reading time lately.  I am also the one responsible for putting together a short list (4-5 books) for everyone to choose from next month.  Suggestions?


Jasie VanGesen said...

I love to-do lists... I make them for myself often. :)

Your "clean out closets" bit is totally relate-able. I finally passed on some stuff that didn't fit to a friend a couple of weekends ago and also reorganized my sock/underwear/tights drawer. That felt GOOD!

Mackenzie said...

Most of the things on my list these days have to do with finding a job. I hate job-hunting.

May I suggest The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, if you haven't considered it already.