Monday, April 19, 2010

Aw, Nerds!

Oh my holy balls.  Work shit is totally rocking my sanity right now and its pretty much all I can do not to yell continuously 'FOR THE LOVE OF GRAVY YOU ARE THE STUPIDEST PERSON ALIVE.'  to MULTIPLE individuals.

Saving graces (only barely though) include:  My "know when to fold'em, know when to hold'em" husband (hello! dozen roses out of the blue last Friday.  He could totally tell I was about to encapsulate myself in a bell jar.) , my kid when he's not yelling "NO!!!!" at me or arguing with every thing I ask him to do (so...maybe an hour a day of actual enjoyable little kidness?) , exercise, playing music and sleep.  (Sweet, sweet sleep.  I want to go to there.)

Please note that beer is not on that list.  I'm TRYING, y'all.

Yeah.  So if my little tiny corner of the interwebs is a tad quiet this week, you'll know why. I'm just out there in the work a day world, kicking ass, taking names, and occasionally channeling Liz Lemon.

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