Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Uke it Up!

Something you may not know about me is that I have recently become a HUGE fan of ukulele music.  Traditional, non-traditional, uke-punk, you name it, I pretty much love it.   (I think Amanda Palmer , for one, can be credited with really feeding this obsession.  And IZ, for another.)

Anyway, amateur musician that I am (or used to be, anyhow) I've been jonesing for a uke of my own for a while. Of course, I've never felt entitled to spend the money on something so unnecessary for myself (even though a decent beginner uke is only about $50).   I've made do, instead, with listening to lots of music, scouring you-tube and giving my poor piano some love while wishing she was someone else.  Shameful!

But my husband, bless him, took matters into his own hands and surprised me yesterday with a ukulele of my own, out of the blue!  Its not my birthday, our anniversary...anything!  (Its pretty much the same model I linked to above.)

I love it so much!  My playing is so rudimentary that its comical but you have to start somewhere, right?  So far its much easier for my relatively small hands to get around on than my acoustic guitar is.  And I love the pure, light sound a uke makes.

It has been really hard to put it down and do things like eat, brush my teeth, or sleep.  I just want to play it all the time.  Also, its the perfect Otto size so he can have some fun with it too.

Here, for your listening/viewing enjoyment, one of the best you-tube ukulele acts I've found so far:  GUGUG performing some Ramones.  Loooooooooove.

ETA:  IF and when I can play an actual song to the point of minimal embarrassment, I just might put it out here for you guys.  Maybe.  :)

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