Thursday, May 3, 2007

I Give Up.

*Warning: Fairly Negative Venting Ahead.*

So. We have been officially 'house-hunting' for our first home for about a year now. And I give up. Between a husband who is resisting, who somehow thinks that renting is better than owning (because, you know, owning a home is a commitment) and who can never make up his mind about anything and a depressingly bare market, I do not think we will ever find anything.

We have looked at so. many. houses. And all of them, with the exeption of maybe 2, are totally and completely wrong for us. And the 2 that might have worked? A certain someone hemmed and hawed until another buyer snapped them up.

I hate to be negative about this, but I feel like I've been positive for so long, that I am just tired. Tired of hoping that maybe the next one will be THE one. Tired of hoping that the Husband will be able to actually commit to something without taking a month to deliberate. Is it a tragedy if we rent forever? No. But it would definately be smarter financially to invest. And, well, there would just be a certain sense of security in owning our home. Especially, you know, with a kid on the way and whatnot.


*End of Vent. Thank you for your Patience.*

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Megan said...

Oh, many hugs, girl. I understand. DH and I have been married for nearly nine years, and have yet to buy a house. It's a committment issue for BOTH of us though. We have done the house-hunting thing several times and it can be very frustrating and exhausting.

Maybe just the right house will pop up at just the right time out of nowhere. Sometimes just when you stop looking for something, it finds its way to you. ;)