Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's a...


Had the 20week ultrasound yesterday and aside from finding out the sex, we also learned that everything looks great. So, YAY. The doc who did the ultrasound seemed to do a good job (taking his time with measurements, explaining what he was doing, etc) and he put it on DVD for us. To be honest, I had no idea what he was talking about for the most part (just looked like fuzzy blobs) but its cool to have a record of it. And I definately caught some feet and hands, the top of a head and the scrotum that he so gleefully pointed out to us.

The fact that it is a boy is cool for many reasons (not that a girl wouldn't have been): First, we already agree on a boy name. Girl names would have meant some fights, I just know it. Also, we have good friends who just had a boy last September and the Husband's Sis had one in December so I think we will have lots of boyish hand-me-downs. That should save us some bank. And, I have always sort of pictured us with a little boy. I'm not sure why, but there it is. This is going to be fun. (Hard, I know ;-), but fun).

Back to the name thing- I'm so excited that we agree on one that we both love this early. We have decided, however, not to share it. That way, 1) no one can nay-say it until the little bugger is actually here and 2) if we do, by chance, change our minds for any reason, no one will be the wiser. Still, its exciting to be thinking of this little alien in my tummy as a 'he' with a name.

Man, this seems so real all of a sudden...;-)

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Megan said...

HUGE congrats on a healthy baby boy!! I am thrilled for you guys.

We also didn't tell our daughter's name until she was born. It's a *bit* unusual (Dacey) and we did NOT want to hear negativity on it. People are much quicker to nitpick before the baby is here. :) It was so fun to have that little surprise to tell everyone when she was born!