Thursday, September 6, 2007


Oh. My. Lord. We are getting so close! For so long, September seemed eons away...some remote time in the future. All of a sudden, its here. Argh! I think we're pretty much ready, though...well, as ready as you can be, which is to say, not at all! But we have a co-sleeper and a carseat and some diapers and stuff so I think we'll manage.

That said, I'm really not feeling any urgency yet. I'm kind of just enjoying my time right now- taking lots of long walks with the dog, spending time with the Husband, enjoying some long hot baths with a good (non-baby/child related) book...Physically, I'm feeling pretty good. Now that the superficial blood clot in my leg has cleared up and I'm no longer in searing pain, just being pregnant doesn't seem all that bad. Sure, I have some hip/crotch pain and pressure and sleeping is just not very comfortable, but those things aren't really bothering me. Really, I feel pretty centered and content at the moment.

They started a baby pool at work. So everyone's been coming down to my desk to ask me if I'm "feeling anything." I have to be honest- not really! Or at least, I'm not feeling anything different than I have been the past couple of weeks. Otto will come whenever he is ready and I'm not really all that keen on hurrying him up. Although, I might change my story if my due date comes and goes and still no baby...;-)

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