Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Baby: Had 37 weeks appointment with midwife today. Can't believe we are getting so close! I tested positive for Group B Strep which sucks, but she did her best to reassure me that it won't impede my labor too much- I'll have to have a heparin lock and get antibiotics once every 8 hours for 15 min. or so, but I should be able to pretty much move around and do whatever I need to do otherwise.

The baby's movement has decreased in the past couple of days and she couldn't really get him to squirm much so she did a non-stress test. Good news is, baby is fine. I think that between her poking and prodding him and then getting hooked up to the monitor, he woke up and realized that we were expecting him to DO stuff. heh. I was having contractions and the baby was responding great so no worries.

Midwife also gave me her cell phone number "just in case," and let me know where she would be this weekend...I wonder if that means she thinks something's happening...

Husband: Still having panic attacks but hopefully he will be getting help soon. A therapist is supposed to call him back this week. I know he can't help it and the last thing I want is to add to his stress, but it kind of worries me. What if he has one when I'm in labor and I'm left alone to deal? That freaks me out. I hope we can get this resolved or at least under control before d-day.

Car: Husband's car is still dead. We haven't really done anything about it number 1, because we are broke, and number 2 because we are just trying to get a handle on the panic attack thing. And I'm trying to avoid anything that might stress him at all and that definately includes hounding him about getting his car fixed. Sigh. Why do things have to be so stressful all the time??

At least baby is good, we are pretty much ready, except for getting the carseat installed (really must get on that) and we have eachother. But seriously. I'm just ready for things to be NORMAL again.

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