Monday, August 27, 2007

Ok, so THAT sucked.

Much to my bitter displeasure, I was on bed rest all last week for a freaking superficial blood clot behind my left knee. I had an ultrasound on it to determine that "oh, it is not the dangerous kind," but rather the OH MY GOD I AM IN CONSTANT EXCRUCIATING PAIN kind so not only was I pretty much confined to the couch doing moist heat compresses, but I was forced to take precious sick days that should have been used for maternity leave goddammit! (Yes, I am so put out by this that it excuses run on sentences.)

Anyway, I'm back at work today and the leg is now back to tolerable amounts of twingy pain as opposed to constant gritting my teeth and wanting to amputate pain. I think the heat and elevation has pretty much cleared the clot (there is just one tender spot) but the hard, rope like texture of the vein and general discomfort probably will not lessen until I pop this little critter out, hopefully in 3 weeks or so. I'm wearing support hose (yes, I am SEXY) and doing as much as I can to keep the clot from coming back.

To add insult to injury, The Husband's car broke down and will not start so we are down to one vehicle. I'm sure it will be 5 million dollars to fix. WHAT THE HELL. Oh -oh -AND he's been having panic attacks lately (and can you really blame him?) which means that I'm worried about him and there have been doctor visits and xanax pills taken and ugh.

A lady at work gave me the book "The Secret" and I've been trying to send positive thoughts out into the universe but jeebus. This is getting frickin' ridiculous.

Time to practice my breathing for labor. Deep breaths. Deep cleansing breaths....

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