Thursday, August 9, 2007

We should have been sent to detention

When you were in school, remember those kids that were the troublemakers? The annoying ones who were always laughing at some secret joke in the back row and who never hesitated to sass the teacher? Well, we attended Prepared Childbirth classes this past weekend and let me tell you, we WERE those kids. The Husband had me in stitches the entire time with a running commentary about everything from our fellow classmates to ridiculous labor 'helpers' was fucking hilarious. I could go into details, but it was all pretty vulgar and probably only truly funny to us anyway. A "you had to be there" type thing.

In between all the barely controlled (and probably highly annoying) giggling, we did manage to learn quite a bit. I have to say that all in all, the class greatly relieved alot of the anxiety I was feeling about childbirth. We got a tour of the "Family Care Unit" of the hospital and learned alot about relaxation and breathing techniques to try during labor. And, if nothing else, I'm pretty confident that my labor support person will be able to make me laugh.

And, in another fit of 'getting ready for baby,' I finally ordered the carseat, stroller, and co-sleeper. Yay! Honestly, at this point I think we are pretty much ready. There are a few odds and ends that we could stand to get (i.e., a few more burp cloths, changing pads, and maybe another co-sleeper sheet or 2) but I keep reminding myself that getting ready for a baby is NOT like preparing for the Apocalypse...the world will keep on going even if I do have a kid and this includes grocery stores and Kmart.

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