Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bah Humbug

So not loving this being back to work thing. Aside from being extremely tired, I am fighting a plugged milk duct (ouch) and a down-in-the-dumps hubby. Well, I guess I'm not really fighting the hubby but he's home with Otto this week and struggling a bit. Otto won't really nap for him which sucks. I think that the transition is maybe stressing the baby out a bit. A bottle just doesn't offer the same thing a boob does in terms of closeness, comfort, skin-to-skin contact and all that jazz. I wonder what he'll do in day care...

All this distraction means that I'm not really feeling the whole holiday thing at the moment. Yes, I know my last post was all about xmas whatever but today I'm just over it. I find myself wishing that instead of travelling 3+ hours to Bob's folk's house for xmas we could just stay home and take turns napping.

Am I a scrooge or what?

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