Tuesday, May 6, 2008

7 Months

Dear Otto,
This month has been one of CHALLENGES. Between the 3 of us, someone has been constantly sick since what feels like FOREVER. And you HATE taking medicine but really, who can blame you? Through it all,however, you have been a little trooper. Your light is really starting to shine and I love the child you are becoming.

Physically you have really grown this month. You outgrew your infant car seat and are now in your fancy-pants Britax convertible. You weigh over 20lbs. and are a tall baby- wearing 12 month sizes in just about everything.

You love to sit up and play but can't quite sit up from laying down yet. Don't worry- you'll get there. You also love just rolling and scooting around on the floor. Very independent. I know its only a matter of time before you are crawling all over the place. You have also perfected the lunge- reaching with lightening speed for anything and everything we have when you are in one of our laps. We are quickly learning, however, to keep things out of reach! (Although, sometimes we slip up like last week when you nearly ingested half of my grocery list. Oops.)

You are also starting to really get into food. Your favorite so far, hands down, is pears. You are mostly self feeding at home but eating homemade purees at daycare. I've really enjoyed making baby food for you and between the frozen breastmilk and babyfood cubes, you are kind of taking over our freezer. You have one tooth now, and I think you're working on your second. Sometimes we call you "Toofus."

You love music, that much is clear. Your favorite song for me to sing is "Itsy Bitsy Spider." And playing piano is a favorite activity. Well, its more like banging piano at this point, but its fun nonetheless. You also LOVE reading stories. Our favorite at the moment is Big Red Barn. We read at least 3 books everynight and you just snuggle up to me and hold your blanket. Its awesome.

Also, you are developing a real sense of humor and love it when we suprise you- with funny faces or by throwing you up in the air or turning you upside down. You love it all. And we love your belly laughs.

You are still sleeping with us and I love it for the most part except for when you are awake and kicking me at 5am on a Saturday. Let's see what we can do about that, kthanks.

Love you to pieces,


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