Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jiggety Jog

Home again.

Our trip was absolutely fantastic. Otto was a DOLL on the plane (i.e., he slept the whole way there, slept/chattered/played on the way back. ) He totally entertained all the passengers in our near vicinity and had people laughing and cooing at him. It was borderline ridiculous, really, but kind of fun. Navigating the airports was also just fine. The Ergo was a LIFESAVER. I was so glad I opted for that instead of a stroller.

Once we arrived, we found that Missouri was warm (but not too warm), humid (but not too humid) and lovely with the lush foliage and beautiful blooms. The forest surrounding my folk's house up in the Ozarks was positively teeming with wildlife; humming birds, turtles, wild turkeys, songbirds...Otto was totally fascinated every time we stepped out onto the porch. (The only downside: I got a tick on me but eh, you know, it wasn't so bad.)

My grandad (my 83 YEAR OLD grandad) drove 10 hours EACH WAY to see us. My dad played the piano for Otto just like he did for me when I was little. My mom snuggled and nuzzled him and read him stories.


Now we're back to reality and its really not so bad. My "Monday" was really Wednesday and a short week is always nice.

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acaseofu said...

Congratulations, you have survived the one big test of parenthood, "Traveling Alone With Your Child"! Glad you had a good trip. Mwah!