Monday, May 5, 2008

Same Story, Different Day

As if this news weren't shocking enough (brace yourselves), Otto has pink eye. Again. And an ear infection. Again. YAY! At the Dr's office today, I sort of got all crazy-eyed for a minute and wondered aloud what the HELL am I doing wrong that my kid is sick ALL. THE. TIME.?? I mean, I go to great lengths to make sure he is has plenty of breast milk, not formula. I watch my diet, take vitamins, wash my hands so often that they crack and bleed regularly. I make my own homemade, organic baby food for chrissakes. I keep my house clean, make sure he is warm, dry, clean, safe... So what am I doing wrong???

Nothing, she says. Its germy ol' daycare. This is just what happens. It would be happening now or when he went to kindergarten. And its better to be exposed to all this stuff now while he has the protections of breastfeeding because he could be sicker. After all, pink eye and ear infections are pretty easy in the grand scheme of things. And it will be better in the summertime.

Nice, huh? I guess this makes me feel better in some sense, but even more helpless and frustrated in another. If it was under my control, at least I could DO SOMETHING. Blah. I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing and hope that as the weather warms up, the situation will improve some.

I am, however, making strides in my goal to de-tox our home. After a great deal of research, I've decided to patronize a wellness company that sells all natural cleaning supplies, soaps, cosmetics, vitamins, etc. I get my first shipment this week and in it will be laundry detergent, tub and tile cleaner, all purpose cleaning wipes, toothpaste, deodorant, disinfectant, lotion, soap, and some other items- all free of toxins, nasty chemicals, phosphates, formaldehyde, etc. I'm excited. I just hope I like them.

In other news, spring has sprung here (finally) and the weather is truly beautiful today. We go to summer hours at my work next week which means that my day is 7:30am-4:30pm instead of 8-5. And while it may not seem like 1/2 hour makes that much difference, it really does. Getting off at 4:30 is way better than getting off at 5. Don't ask me why.

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Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I totally get this. It's such a helpless feeling when your baby is sick and you feel powerless to either heal him or arrange circumstances so he isn't exposed to germies. I do agree with your pedi - it happens sooner or later and he is getting GREAT protection and benefits from the breastmilk. It's just a rough time on their little systems.

SO - what non-toxic stuff did you go with? I am curious.