Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our bags are packed, we're ready to go...

...and I have to admit I'm just a leeeetle bit nervous. We are leaving tomorrow to spend the long weekend at my parent's house in Missouri. The Husband is staying here because he has band obligations (they are playing a biker rally, of all things). So its just me, the boy, and the good folks at United Airlines.

True, its only a 2 hour flight from Denver to St. Louis BUT. There's the 2 hour car trip to Denver. (And the getting through security, blah blah blah...) Then the 2 hour car trip from St. Louis to my parents house. So it will be a looooong day of travel.

I do, however, think I'm as ready as I'm gonna be. The game plan is this: I will wear Otto on my front in the Ergo, have a backpack serving as diaper bag/purse, have our rolling duffle in one hand and the car seat in the other. Oila! A one-woman traveling circus.

Wish us luck and bon voyage!

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