Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Checkin' em off.

Achievements since 6:30 am this morning:

1. Slept through alarm and missed workout. Also did not work out yesterday. Am lazy slob.

2. Noticed volcanic zit on face, one strategically placed on the center line between my nose and upper lip and fantastically painful. BONUS.

3. Remembered to dress 'nicely' for yearly worky event thingy that I have been working on for MONTHS and is finally here.

5. Somehow got screaming, willful toddler dressed, diapered and fed, no thanks to him.

6. Dropped above mentioned toddler off at daycare where he miraculously had a change of heart and was all sweetness and light and "bye-bye mama! wuv voo!".

7. Rolled eyes and may have snorted on way out of daycare.

8. Pulled off yearly worky eventy thingy that I have been working on for MONTHS. Managed to smile and thank and shake hands and not focus too much on wondering if people were staring at the now ENORMOUS zit on my face.

9. Made it back to the relative safety of my office where I will now count the minutes until happy hour.

What have you accomplished today?

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