Friday, April 10, 2009

Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

I know I've been quiet this week. There's no reason particularly, other than that I am a mom who works full time, is trying to complete an LLL leadership application and am suddenly considering graduate school? I know. I am officially, completely insane. And really, those aren't excuses anyway.

So here, for your Friday blog reading pleasure are some truly random thoughts and updates from the land of the Officially Certifiable:

1. Tweetdeck is awesome.

2. The weather here is now completely fucking with us and honestly? I can take a joke as well as the next gal but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Stop it with the fucking snow already.

3. I'm preparing a fluffy, superfluous post about style envy. Heh.

4. In the land of Otto, things are moving fast and furious. He knows SO MANY WORDS and now is able to construct small simple sentences, such as "Mama go night-night?" and "Don't like it!" and "Daddy sleeping?" He's also officially entered the stage of testing limits. He runs from us, refuses to get dressed/put on shoes/brush teeth etc. and disagrees with us as much as he possibly can. However, he is still pretty easily distract-able and there's not much he won't do for an apple slice or some outside playtime. So that's good.

He's also VERY into hugs, kisses, and tickling. As in, he tickles us with his fat little fingers while screeching "TEEEEEEEKLE! TEEEEEEEKLE!" at the top of his lungs. Its pretty adorable as long as its not four o'clock in the morning. Ahem.

Tonight I get to look forward to going out to eat for a friends birthday and then a nice quiet weekend at home, during which I will hopefully make progress on my garden and LLL pursuits. If you celebrate the holiday I hope its a good one- and if you're a heathen like myself then I hope its a good one too. Not playing favorites here. Nope.

I'll leave you with a gratuitous kid pic. Because I love you.

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