Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I aspire to have style. I really do. The problem is just that I wasn't born with any sort of stylish/artsy gene. Aside from a very brief "dresses-only" phase as a youngster, I am strictly a jeans, t-shirt, and chucks kind of girl. Unless I'm at work and then I add a necklace, a cardigan and maybe clogs instead of the chucks. Yeah. My hair is usually down or at its most exotic, in a ponytail.

I do, however, have a deep hunger for style, and what I like to think of as at least an appreciation for aesthetics. I am also completely jealous and in awe of those I consider to have an eye for the artsy. Because of this, there are several online places I check obsessively to feed my style addiction. And I'm always looking for more.

Some of my current artsy-style-crushes:

First up, Super Kawaii Mama-This girl has it. Style, poise, and great advice for the clueless. Her hair tutorials are really fun to watch- if only for her neat Australian accent since my hair is so different from hers, I could never pull off the styles she does. And her daily outfit updates are just so. darn. cute.

Next, there's Summer at Design is Mine-her daily design finds are always worth looking at and every time I go there, I find myself daydreaming about decorating my house in fresh, monochromatic simplicity as opposed to the hodge-podge thrift-market chic that we're rocking right now.

I just recently started checking A Beautiful Mess but I love it! The stuff here has a feminine, rock n' roll sensibility that I love. Heart.

As far as shopping goes, Rare Bird Finds totally rules. They find the cutest, weirdest, stylin'-est things out there.

And, of course, there's my Etsy addiction. Its a real problem.

So what about you? Where do you go for style on the web?

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Amelia Sprout said...

I love Etsy, I would spend all my money there if I had any money.

I don't really go anywhere, but I hear you on the awesome hair styles out there. I want to have a hair style. Instead I have Rosanne Rosannadana hair. It's just a hot mess of frizzy curly.