Monday, November 2, 2009


For people that really didn't do all that much, we had a great Halloween. Otto went as his dad, complete with beard and tattoos (on the non-splinted arm, at least).

Here he is eating the one treat I let him have out of his pumpkin. Chocolate bar at 8pm = PARENTING ROOKIE FAIL.

And here he is about an hour before, trick or treating in the snow. Don't be alarmed that he didn't have a hat on or anything- we went to about 5 houses, all on our street and it was warmer than it looks. That or we're looking at another parenting FAIL of the night. You be the judge.

And here is my hastily compiled "Beer Wench" costume, complete with frothy mug. Which I chugged right after this picture was taken. Just kidding. Sort of.

How was your Halloween??


VoofaVoofa said...

You need to post more pictures of that kid. He is adorable.

And that was hastily compiled? How in the world does one hastily compile that awesome dress? I love it!

And I sure as hell hope you weren't kidding about the beer. I slammed about five on Saturday. YUM.

Jasie VanGesen said...

You made a fantastic wench!

And you should have done his tattoos on the bum arm, or do you have to unwrap that bandage on it regularly? If not, he could have had the tattoos for awhile. :P