Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today is the day!

Well, I hope it is. Otto has an appointment with the orthopaedist this morning to hopefully get his splint off. I'm sick of dealing with it so I can only imagine how he must feel. Although, come to think of it, he really doesn't seem that bothered. He just kind of gets by using his left hand for most things and never complains. Wow. My kid is kind of awesome.

(I'm sure I would be bitching and moaning and pitching a general fit pretty much every day if I wasn't allowed to use my right arm. However, I guess I am called upon to do things he isn't like type, cook, clean, wash my own hair, wipe my own ass, etc. But then again, he DOES do things like put toys in my purse, pull the cat's tail and clap wildly after singing the ABC's and/or repeating the "F" word*...so I guess its a tie.)

Anyhoo, we're ready for the damn thing to come off regardless. And a mid-morning's doctor appointment for something like this is a great excuse to get out into the sunshine and just maybe stop at the good coffee place on the way. :)

Us in the ER after being fixed up. You can't see it but his shirt said "I do my own stunts". Yeah.

* * * * * * * * * *

In other news, it feels like things are beginning to equalize a little bit. The puppy is starting to get into the swing of things- she still has puppy moments, of course- but she is generally calmer and better behaved than she was 2 weeks ago. Also, she starts puppy kindergarten tonight (I KNOW! OMG THE CUTE!!) which should just further our obedience training efforts.

After a bout of illness this weekend, the Husband seems to be returning to his normal, pithy self which I am glad to see. It's no small thing either that we have had nice weather for the past week: Sunshine and temps into the 60's. We are getting a teensy tiny taste of fall after having all that snow and we likes it, precious.

*Yeah, Otto repeats a swear word from time to time and thinks he is pretty funny doing it. We're trying to be better about the sailor language in his presence but it is HARD, folks.

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Jasie VanGesen said...

Just wait until he's 8 and can use the swear words completely in context. ;)

Though, I must say, I find it wuite amusing watching him test them out. The phrase he utters most these days is "Holy Crap Ass"... like, "Holy crap ass, that's a big slice of cake!!"