Friday, June 4, 2010

Keep on the Sunny Side

You know that kind of sick that makes you feel like you're slightly high?  Or drunk?  That's what I have right now.  A doozy of a summer cold complete with sinus pain, congestion, googly eyes and foul temper.  Although that last symptom might just be a personality trait.

I've been sucking it up and going to work anyway because its our busiest time of year and my desk is awash in a sea of white paper and post-it notes.  That, and I was cursed with this stupid thing called a 'work ethic' and actually feel guilty calling in sick when I know that I have a shit-ton to do.  Go figure.

In other news, we're totally potty-learned (taught?...I dunno...I just don't like the word "trained") with only a few (pee) accidents here and there when he gets distracted.  It was a MUCH less arduous process than I thought it would be and all I can think is that we just caught the right little developmental window and he was ready.

Now to work on weaning.  Or not. I have conflicting feelings about it, but mostly feel like I'll be ready very soon.  The little dude really only nurses now once a day (at bedtime) but asks to nurse if he wakes up in the middle of the night, hurts himself or is sick.  So its not like I'm whipping 'em out constantly or anything.  I'm sure that it will evolve like everything else and I should just enjoy these last nursings because Otto is probably going to be an only child.  Right? Right.  And now that I think about it, with me being all nasty-sick, he's getting my antibodies so if he gets it, it should be a much milder illness.  So...upside.

The weather here has finally turned the corner into something resembling spring/summer with highs hovering around 70 degrees and leaves/blossoms popping out on trees.  We've got cherry tomatoes, daisies, bell peppers, and lettuce (that we started indoors from seed) now in containers outside on our front stoop.  We'll see how they get on, as the nights are still a little chilly.

We also started sunflowers and I planted them on the south facing side of the house, so hopefully they'll take off and give us some nice tall flowers later on this summer.  Growing up in Kansas, I always loved watching how the sunflowers took pains to turn their faces toward the sun throughout the day.  Isn't funny how nature kind of knows what's up if you just pay attention?

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