Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So good...I got you!

 I started counting calories and upping my daily workouts a bit in the beginning of April.  I didn't really have a specific goal in mind, weight or size-wise,  I just want to  I wanted to feel good and be able to do stuff.  Like run a 5k.  And hike.  And do push-ups. 

And here, for the first time, are some stats.  Please don't think that I'm bragging or bemoaning or anything like that.  I'm just stating what's going on with my body and certainly not passing judgement on anyone else's.  Health certainly doesn't correspond with size!  I just wanted to document what's up here because 1. I suck at keeping a journal...this blog is pretty much it most weeks, and 2. it's motivating to put this stuff out here for you guys...keeps me honest :-)

At 5ft, 8 in. tall, my starting weight, back in April was 160 lbs. and I was pretty consistently wearing a size 12.    I was already excersising moderately 4-5 times a week (ususally alternating days of 30-60 min. of cardio or strength training).  I don't feel like I was out of shape, really, but I wasn't watching what I was eating (or drinking) all and I wasn't pushing myself in my workouts.   I could only do 2-3 push-ups before I was cheating and going down on my knees. 

Since April, (I think I've mentioned this before, heh) I've been journaling every. single. thing. I put in my mouth here which might sound a bit obsessive but its actually kind of fun. And addicting.   After a few days of doing this, I learned (duh) that I could eat more of stuff that was better for me, i.e.,  fruits and veggies and non-fat dairy as opposed to cookies, breads, fatty delicious Tillamook cheese, etc.  

For example, a huge salad, complete with spinach, avacado, baby carrots, tomato, cucumber, 2% monterey jack and salsa and even a little bit of light sour cream for lunch was under 300 calories!  And filling!  And super delicious! Add a couple of homemade masa corn tortillas and I'm stuffed and in at about 400 calories.  Compare that to a lunch I might have had pre-calorie obsession of turkey sandwich with the before mentioned delicious full-fat cheese, mayo, and much smaller serving of veggies and maybe some chips and a piece of fruit and there is a HUGE difference, calorie wise.  And overall feeling-wise.  I've discovered that I just plain feel better when I eat the salad... the turkey sandwich/chips lunch would tend to make me kind of heavy and bloated or something.  I just don't need that much food.   But I would eat it because it was there.  And because that's what my 230 lb. 6'2" husband was eating.  See if you can spot the error. 

As of this weekend, I'm at 148 lbs. and fitting into 8-10's, depending on brand.  (We went to Old Navy, Target, and Macy's over the weekend to get the husband some shorts and I tried on pants just for shits and gigs.)

More importantly, I have achieved my bigger goal of feeling good.  I can now comfortably run 4 miles.  I can do this grueling workout with relative ease.   I can do "real" pushups (not a lot, but even 10-15 push-ups off my knees is better than where I started!)   I have energy and a certain clarity of mind that I feel is directly related to increasing the intensity and duration of my work-outs. 

My shoulders and arms look...dare I say...muscular.  Ish.  And my legs are firmer.   My collar bone stands out a bit.  I'll probably never lose the little "I've had a baby paunch" around my middle, but that doesn't bother me because HELLO I created a person out of thin air and housed and fed him there for 9 months.  My little tummy is a fucking badge of honor and honestly, I want to keep a little roundness there to remind me of how connected we once were and of the amazing shit a woman's body, MY body is capable of.  

Most of this shit may be totally obvious to you and you very well might be sick of reading about it.   But.  This journey so far has been a huge adjustment for me and kind of all-encompassing.  I've had to change the way I see exercise (fun! and challenging! and stress relieving instead of a boring chore that has to be completed) and how I see food (fresh, delicious fuel to be savored as opposed to whatever crap is there to shove into my pie-hole.)   I'm now planning on running a 5k in 2 weeks.  And I'm totally excited.  I'm also going to walk a half-marathon on July 4th.  Because I can do it.  And because its in a beautiful place and will be fun. 

I feel good, you guys.


Amelia Sprout said...

I am not even close to that weight yet (I'm still in a 16 at 220) but damn I know what you mean. I remember something I heard once.

"Eat less, mostly veggies" as being the best "diet" you could have. Winter is hard for me, being up north where fresh things are hard to find. But oh, spring and summer and fresh things everywhere, it is awesome.

My first 5K is in August, and I can't wait.

The Schneldales said...

Go. Go. Go. One day I will be looking to you, or at least this post, for encouragement to do the same. I'm currently on the flip side - feeling like crap and *knowing* it's because of what I eat and what exercise I do not get. But I've felt before what you're feeling right now - and it feels incredible! So, then. Go. Go. Go. I'll be joining you soon.